Why Choose Our Motorcycle Training In Aldershot?

If you want your freedom this summer, what better way to investing in a motorbike?


Riding a motorcycle is fun and a way to spend a sunny Sunday or to commute to work. It is important you get the right training to pass your motorcycle test but essential to remain safe on the roads. You are more vulnerable when riding compared to driving a car.


Why choose us for your motorcycle training in Aldershot?


3 Counties Motorcycle Training specialise in motorcycle training and are ideal for learners based in Hampshire, including Aldershot.


Choose our training centre and you’ll be learning from instructors who have been providing high quality training since 2001. We will tailor courses to meet your unique requirements and ensure you learn at the right pace.


Whether you’re looking to get compulsory basic training, a full licence or post-test training, 3 Counties Motorcycle Training always deliver the best standard courses. Our training includes teaching you about the often complex motorcycle laws along with the skills needed to be a safe and confident motorcyclist.


For more information about our training in Hampshire, simply get in touch today.


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