15 March 2021: Instructor Position


One of the most rewarding areas of being a motorcyclist is to share your skills and enthusiasm with a new potential rider.


3CMT are looking for a self employed CBT instructor. (with the view of moving on to DAS)




1. Over 21yrs old

2. Full motorcycle licence for min 3yrs

3. Be of Good Character.

(Any motoring or non motoring offences will be taken into consideration by the DVSA) 


Good daily rates of pay for the right candidate.

Full training package.


Contact us for more information.


01 August 2020.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has announced the launch of Ridefree - a free online training course that moped and motorcycle riders should complete before taking their CBT. We've tried it out and recommend it as a valuable learning tool that will better prepare you for your CBT, particularly for those new to the road. Find out more here at Ridefree


05 July 2020.

From 04 July we are able to offer CBT's for anyone wishing to book.

From 06 July we are able to book practical mod 1 and mod 2 tests to commence week 13 July 2020. Unfortunately at this point we have not been briefed on how we are supposed to book the practical tests and there is no information on the booking system.


We have set up an updating mailshot which we are sending out on a Monday. To be added to it please fill in our contact form ensuring you list age, course type and agree to be kept updated.


April 2020 COVID-19

We are returning to work to carry out CBT's for Key workers. Please ensure you comply with the Government guidelines. You must be able to provide proof of Key Workers status in order to attend training under this scheme.


February 2020

3CMT is now an MCIA RIDE Industry Approved Training School. You can be assured of the standard of both our training services and business processes. Find out more about the MCIA here


October 2019

The DVSA have updated their guidance notes for students attending a CBT training course. Please take the time to read Prepare for your CBT


In particular please note the information about Highway Code knowledge:

Your trainer can stop your compulsory basic training course if your basic knowledge of The Highway Code and traffic signs isn’t good enough for you to ride safely.


And regarding what to wear. You should wear motorcycle boots or other sturdy footwear that supports and protects your ankles.


3CMT provide helmets, gloves and Hi Viz as standard. We have a selection of jackets should you not have something suitable but we do not provide footwear. If you are wearing inadequate footwear you will not be allowed to start your course.


Gift Vouchers 

Perfect gift for that special person in your life


Hourly Lessons


3CMT are excited to offer hourly training on a Saturday morning. Call for further advice.

3 Counties Motorcycle Training Testimonials


Thank you for booking a course with 3CMT. Please leave tetimonials for future customers.

Absolute fantastic training day, a big full day -been driving a car since 1980 but Chris and Gary still taught me new how to manage a bike on these very difficult roads...well worth the money.

Thanks chaps
When I arrived in the morning, I'd never ridden a moped before but with all the training and practice we did in the morning, I was confident enough to ride on the roads by the early afternoon. I really enjoyed the experience and look forward to putting the skills I learnt into practice.
A very good days training. Both Dave and Stuart have a great teaching style. I learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the day. I could have done the training with another company sooner but based on the reviews for 3CMT I decided to wait and I'm glad I did!
I would thoroughly recommend anyone thinking of doing a CBT to use 3CMT
Passed my mod 1&2 with Stuart. It was a pleasure to learn with the company and very professional. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to pass their bike tests. Absolute pleasure, thanks again!
Having started late in life and never ridden a motorbike, I was given the necessary training to feel confident and safe riding anywhere. Expert advice and training from start to finish.
I did the DAS after having a few months riding on a 125. This was excellent training that quickly got me to a point where I was comfortable riding a bigger bike under the full range of road situations. The instruction not only enabled me to pass the tests, but also provided valuable tips that will help with many aspects of motorcycling. However, what was most important to me was that the whole experience was fun. After all, that's why I wanted to ride a bike. Stuart provided clear instruction making the learning easy and injected humor to keep it fun. Then, a few well chosen words before I set off on the mod 2 test gave me the confidence I needed to pass. I thoroughly recommend 3CMT.
Excellent training. Having absolutely no experience of riding motorbikes Stuart got me through CBT and DAS course, passing both modules first time. The training has certainly made me a safer and more confident rider. Thoroughly enjoyed the DAS course and would highly recommend. Thanks 3CMT, Matt H.
I have had training from 3CMT and the instructor Stuart is great, Passed my test
I highly recommend these guys are fantastic
I've trained with 3CM twice now (out of choice!), which in itself should tell you that they're worth it. Stuart, our instructor for the day, was firm but fair. Additionally, considering some of my own personal mistakes, remarkably accommodating.

Definitely recommended, but don't go thinking you're in for an easy time. They're professional, and will do what they need to to get you to where you need to be.
Good day today doing 125cc cbt, learned a lot and now going on to achieve full bike license with 3CBT.

Stuart was very good at focusing On my weak points throughout the day and aloud time to improve my riding and skills

5* rated
Great day out! Excellent training, clear concise instructions and easy to follow. I would happily recommend Stuart as an instructor.
Done my CBT with 3cmt Stu was amazing and teaching such a high level knowledge and also makes it fun with a little bit of comedy what makes a long day so much better, due to corona everything was in place so it was safe to do the CBT, highly recommend these guys
Took my CBT 2 weeks ago and had an excellent day. Highly recommend these guys. Very knowledgeable as well as being friendly. 5*

Thank you for your review.
Got my DAS booked through 3CMT and luckily all the dates booked for CBT, trainings and two DAS exams worked well as it was difficult to get some time off work.
Immediately with the CBT and the following trainings Stuart made me aware of my gaps and we focused on improving them. It appeared many years of car driving made me lazy in observing and planning ahead. The training not only thought me to ride a motorcycle but also made me a better car driver. I have passed the module 1 and 2 tests on my first attempt and now received my new licence, thanks to Stuart and David.
I signed up for a DAS course here with Stuart after not riding for about 20 years. Spoke to Stuart over the phone and he recommended the DAS course.
With Stuart's guidance I was soon out on the road and completed the CBT.
I had limited holidays at work and the course was tailored to fit in to my days off. In about a weeks worth of training from 3 Counties Motorcycle Training, I have gone from not riding a bike to a full category A licence.
In a very short time I have achieved my goal and learnt a lot about riding motorbikes from Stuart. The course did exactly what it is designed to do.
If you are looking to get your full bike licence this DAS course delivers.
Thank you 3CMT - you've done a great job
After completing my CBT & DAS training with 3CMT, I've passed both my MOD1 & MOD2 tests today, and couldn't be happier. Thank you both, in particular Stuart for his instruction and patience (I'm sure I tested it at times!) on the DAS training, I know this isn't the end of the learning and there are improvements I can, and will make, but you got me through it - cheers bud!

I would highly recommend 3CMT as they don't just want you to pass the tests but help you to become an all round better and safer rider, while having a few laughs along the way.
Honestly can’t say thank you enough to the 3CMT team. From CBT to A2 licence. Such a professional manner. They help you through anything you may have an issue with, or any questions you may have.
I initially failed my A2 at my own fault (stupid mistake). After a short phone call with Stuart later that evening the next test was booked and ready to go just a little over 2 weeks from that point.
They don’t only teach you to pass the test but seriously teaches you some important riding and life sessions not to be forgotten on the road. All be it with some jokes and some fun.
100% recommend. Super professional.
Thanks again Stuart and the team for all the help along the way.

I’ll see you in 2 years for my A license 😉😉
Just a quick note to thank David for making my CBT such an enjoyable experience. As someone with limited riding experience (30 years ago!), Dave's knowledge and helpful advice really gave me the confidence I needed, while making sure I have all the tools to be a safe rider. I'm now looking forward to the next part of this journey when I complete the DAS training later this month, thanks again!
I booked a DAS course with 3CMT following passing the theory test in 2018. Both David and Stuart are fantastic instructors. David trained me for my CBT which I passed on Saturday 1st June and Stuart trained me for the MOD1 and MOD2 tests which I passed on Thursday 6th and Wednesday 12th June respectively. Stuart doesn't take any nonsense and isn't shy about letting you know when you are not doing something right, just what you want from an instructor! I will be recommending 3CMT to anyone looking to get their motorcycle license.

Thanks David, and a huge thank you to you Stuart, you're a legend! (I will never forget the feeling I got when the examiner said you've passed!)
Big thanks to Stuart, great knowledge and enthusiasm for all things bike! Got me through both Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests with what appeared to relative ease! I would highly recommend 3CMT if you're thinking of taking your CBT or going all out with the DAS course. Great value for money too!
Stuart was an amazing instructor very patient dealing with a new rider and safety was his priority. THE MAN’S A LEGEND couldn’t have passed without his experience and pure enthusiasm for biking
Recently joined Stuart on a course for some intensive training and to take my Mod 1 and Mod 2. Hadn't ridden a bike for quite sometime and I would seriously recommend to anyone to partake in some training even if they have already passed their test. Safety is paramount at all times and Stuart is a great instructor to brush you up on your skills which may have become a little rusty over the years. Passed my Mod 1 and Mod 2 with flying colours well nearly first time!!! And the whole experience was really enjoyable albeit a little nerve wrecking at times!
Thanks Stuart.
Did my mod 2 and some training and all I can say is they are amazing, they teach you beyond the test not like many people they teach you how to ride correctly rather than just how to test I feel so much more confident after learning from these guys and I felt so equipped going into my mod 2... thank you guys so much
Quality instruction at a great price. I booked a DAS course and thanks to the patience and clear direction from Stuart the Instructor I passed first time. A genuinely professional outfit with a fun and friendly atmosphere. Thanks again Stuart!
What a truly professional experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my training with 3CMT - cannot recommend the team highly enough. Thank you very much.
I contacted Stuart at 3CMT after getting back into biking from a 4 yr break. Being slightly nervous I wasn't quite sure how long it would take for me to get the feel of the bike back and didn't know how much would come flooding back to me.

Suffice to say Stuart gave me a full brief and talked me through the basics again. He built my confidence back up on some town work and then took me on some faster roads where I soon remembered the reason I enjoyed riding in the first place! His comms were useful throughout and his tips on positioning stayed with me.

The day was going well until I forgot that roundabouts are there to go around and not ride across, even if it was a small one!

Seriously, can't recommend enough and when I get my new bike in a few weeks I'll be looking to join Stuart for one of his planned tours.

Great value for money and service from someone who actually takes a personal interest and cares about the customer.

Thanks Stuart!
Hi Dave Stuart, Just a quick note to say thanks for my CBT training I received from you guys. I cannot recommend 3CMT enough, The training i received from Dave was not just very well conducted but vital to being safe (and kept safe) out on the roads. Whether you are a person like myself who hasn't been on a bike for many years or a novice just starting out he seem to just know how to accommodate to the persons needs.
With very clear and precise instruction and infinite patience I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dave as an instructor who it seems isn't the kind of person who will just get the job done but someone who genuinely wants you to succeed!!
Many thanks for a great enjoyable day and for showing me how to ride properly!!
Having not ridden a bike for 20 years, one of my New Year resolutions was to pass my bike test... a daunting prospect for me! Today I completed my CBT/DAS journey, and I cannot recommend Stuart highly enough. He is very professional, very knowledgeable and very experienced. He also genuinely wants to give you the skills to enjoy riding safely. All in all... a great instructor. A great company to start your biking journey with. Many thanks Stuart... for all the advice, expertise and hard work, and I'll be booking follow up training from time to time.
Just like to say thank you for all your patience and expertise thought out the training days and the CBT. Stuart is a kind, friendly and knowledgeable instructor that won't let any mistake go unnoticed, no matter how many time you make it. As a new rider, he helped throughout the whole process to increase my ability as well as my safety on the road. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn.
Hi Stuart, I would just like to say thank you for your understanding and patience when I broke my knee 2 weeks before my test.
I can honestly say that my confidence grew under your tutelage. And enjoyed the experience.
I found David (CBT) and yourself on the rest of my training very professional, knowledgeable and helpful.
Like Jeff it was something that I have been wanting to do for many years, and will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.
Thanks again
Del Smith
Hi Stuart,

I passed my module 2 today I just want to say that I really appreciate your advice and training from my CBT to the end. You not only train but care too. I would happily recommend you to anyone and thanks again for helping me to achieve a 30 year ambition.
Hi Stuart, As per my original email at the beginning of June when you got me through my test, I took your advice and went down the IAM route for further training, took my test today and passed with a first, a lot of this is down to the basics that you gave to me during the 4 days I spent training with you. Hopefully we might be able to meet up at some time.
Mark B
Hi Stuart, Just to say thank you guys so much for helping John get through his CBT. The training offered is exceptional and I know that John has received the best training possible. As a parent and a daily biker myself, I cannot recommend to anyone more highly the importance of the thorough training you provide, as their safety is paramount. John loved the long ride-outs and also the chats he had with you. If anyone is thinking about booking a CBT, look no further. Thank you again and we will see you for John's next training and also his brother! Steve
Hi Stuart,
Once again thanks for the 4 days training firstly they were all really informative and you tailored them to my experience,
I went into this training program hoping that I would acquire a full licence but was under no illusions that it would be an easy process. Having passed my mod 2 today you may not appreciate just how much of an achievement this has been for me.
As with all motor licences this is just a start and hopefully I will pick up more experience the more I ride, starting tomorrow with a ride back to Newbury to pick up my NC750XA.

As discussed I will call in a few weeks to hopefully arrange further training/ride out fish and chips on me.

I don't do facebook etc but please feel free to add this to your Web page etc if you want to.


Mark B
What a great experience Stuart & his team gave my 16yr old son for his CBT. He was apprehensive, and initially lacked confidence about riding on the road, but with patience & support provided by Stuart's team last Saturday he passed his CBT.
He is now a confident, safe, moped rider. This great start will hopefully hold him in good stead as he progresses into a fully fledged driver once he gets to 17. It's such an important job 3CMT do, thanks 3CMT Team - You were all FAB
Hello Stu- just wanted to day a big THANK YOU for yesterday. Had a great day of learning and fun. From never sat on a bike before to actually being able to operate one and move around to a degree felt like an achievement. Stiff as hell at the moment as you said! Will be in touch to learn further soon. regards to you and David Saj.
Hi Stuart 

Just a quick email to say thank you for yesterday you and David are brilliant teachers and I learned a lot and enjoyed the day and I hope to see you again soon to carry on my training with you again. Thank you 
Shaun H

I took my DAS course with Stuart last year and to be honest I don't think I would have passed without his in depth knowledge and teaching style. Not only did he teach you things to get you through your test but also teaches you things for every day riding and to stay safe, of which I use daily on my commute into London.
The only bad thing if any is he is so enthusiastic about motorbike riding that it's infectious and I now have a small collection of bikes too, with quite possibly more on the way.
I can't recommend 3CMT and Stuart enough, brilliant instructor and service. Thank you once again 3CMT.
Hi Stuart,

Thanks again for getting me through my test. Much appreciated. I will have a take away tonight to celebrate.

I can still hear your good advice in my head as I ride :-)

Best wishes to you and your family.

Hi Stuart

Thank you to Richard who put me through my CBT today. It was a long 12 hour day and I made some silly errors but I will work on these with my brother and landlord who are bikers and have head sets and will help me so I'm not on my own and improve. The tuition was excellent. I will book up sessions asap. Faye
Feedback on my CBT yesterday - brilliant!!
Rich was patient, precise and methodical, I am now legal and enjoying my 2 wheel freedom.
See you in a few months for my next stage. Thanks Stuart and well done to our bike cop Rich for a long rewarding day.
I wish to Thank 3CMT and Stuart especially for a great experience and for getting me through my CBT today. Your patience and guidance was outstanding and I learnt a lot from you. I will continue to ride and take on your pointers, and in the near future go for my DAS with you.
Thanks Again.
I used 3CMT to re-do my CBT having let it run out after 2 years and then 6 months later to do my DAS on a 3 day training programme.

During my training for my CBT I was taught by Dave. He showed me the bad habits I had picked up over the 2 years riding by myself and how to correct them along with also training another who had never been on a geared bike before. Honestly couldn't have asked for more.

For my DAS I had Stuart teach me over a 3 day programme. A few things you should know, he knows everything about riding a bike, he sees everything you do while riding under his care and nothing Stuart says is personal, it's because you've done something that's prompted a comment!

1. As mentioned above, don't take anything personal, you obviously did something that you could have done better, own it and do it better next time.

2. Be on time!! Trust me, really, really, really don't be late. Be early to make double sure.

3. Go with a willing attitude to learn and adapt, it'll make the whole experience a lot easier for both parties!

I would definitely recommend 3cmt, they're a great group of guys who know their stuff, which is essentially how to get you through your examinations.

Thanks again, especially to Stuart and Dave.
I went to 3CMT with no experience on a bike, only ever wanting to be ride a bike. Completed an intensive course with Stuart and found the learning very direct and clear. 3CMT are very enthusiastic about biking which made the experience that whole much easier. Many thanks, Dave.
P.S. The GSF400 is currently still in a garage having work done... 😔
I am a slow learner however, both David and Stuart put up with me for longer than I care to admit. It was a dream for me to just pass my CBT and although I still think I need to gain confidence, the boys definitely gave me the push I required.

No nonsense approach which I appreciated towards the end more than in the beginning .

Also, don't argue. They know you were wrong, you know you were wrong, everyone next to you knows you were wrong. Don't justify it, learn from it.
Hi Stuart,

I would like to thank you for your time and patience in getting me through my DAS. It was a genuine pleasure being trained by you and I feel I have had actual training that I can put to use on my bike.

Guide for everyone else;

1 - Turn up on time 0745 means 0745
2 - Stuart is sensitive (well he says he is, I never seen this)
3 - Try not to be sensitive, on reflection I put myself in some precarious situations and Stuart gave constructive criticism on what I was doing, where I was going wrong and what I had to do to fix it. No point arguing your point when you are wrong.
4 - He sees everything, I tried to get a away with making the same mistake on several occasions. didn't work. He saw me ;)
5 - Take money for a brew but don't expect that you will stop for a long period of time, There are the obvious toilet breaks but Stuart wants you to pass so if you need more time on an activity you will be doing it until you can do it.

I enjoyed my time with Stuart and will be looking to take further training in the near future. I have taken training from other establishments and you are a number on the training conveyor belt, 3CMT really personalise the training to your needs and this is priceless.

Once again thank you Stuart.


Thanks Scott. Enjoy your riding carer keep safe and in touch. I am organising a trip to Europe for next year. You are welcome to join us.
Hi Stuart

I am not one to do a review for anything, ever, however I felt it necessary after the journey we have been on !

From knowing next to nothing about a Bike to now having my A2 license in such a short space of time feels awesome. I just wanted to say thank you again for everything. 3CMT made the process so easy from booking lessons and tests to being thorough and professional on all aspects. Every lesson was well spent running through the do's and don'ts and how to improve, and whilst eventually it does 'click,' Stuart made it so much easier for me to learn all the ins and outs of riding a motorbike.

I would not hesitate to recommend 3 CMT to anyone and if you are reading this and are unsure... LOOK NO FURTHER !

Thank You and see you again in a few years time...

Tristan Coles
Hi Stuart

Once again I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic day that was enjoyed by us all attending the CBT course, you guys are genuinely nice friendly instructors who didn't place any pressure on anyone.

David who was our instructor for the day was really great, he not only explained things very clearly but demonstrated everything too, and as most of us hadn't been on a motorcycle before, he encouraged and gave us the confidence to get involved and to enjoy the course, of which we all genuinely did.

To say that I'm hooked on motorcycling would probably be a slight understatement but I would highly recommend anyone who's not tried motorcycling before just to give it a go, and being part of a small friendly group, we all had one thing in common, we're all there to learn to ride a motorcycle to a safe and professional standard.

Thanks again to you both and I will be in touch soon to go through some available dates for the next course.

Hi Stuart
Once again I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic day that was enjoyed by us all attending the CBT course, you guys are genuinely nice friendly instructors who didn't place any pressure on anyone.

David who was our instructor for the day was really great, he not only explained things very clearly but demonstrated everything too, and as most of us hadn't been on a motorcycle before, he encouraged and gave us the confidence to get involved and to enjoy the course, of which we all genuinely did.

To say that I'm hooked on motorcycling would probably be a slight understatement but I would highly recommend anyone who's not tried motorcycling before just to give it a go, and being part of a small friendly group, we all had one thing in common, we're all there to learn to ride a motorcycle to a safe and professional standard.

Thanks again to you both and I will be in touch soon to go through some available dates for the next course.

Thanks Stuart and the team for getting me through everything so quickly and professionally.
Excellent set up.