A great run of sunny weather and seeing a big uptake in folks wanting to get on a bike from CBT to DAS. Going to be a busy season. Get booked in now.


The snow is well and truly gone, no reason not to book a CBT or DAS course ready for some spring riding! Call 3CMT now



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Other courses

Better Biker

Once you have passed your test the training doesn’t have to stop there. Contact 3 Counties Motorcycle Training to build special 1 to 1 sessions for your own specific needs, for instance 

  • When buying a larger or more powerful motorbike
  • For night riding skills
  • Motorway riding
  • Filtering
  • Passenger carrying

Back to Biking

We also really enjoy helping riders who already hold a motorcycle licence but who have been away from biking for a few years. The roads have got busier, driving standards more questionable, the bikes themselves are more powerful and complicated with features like ABS, traction control, cruise control, active suspension, built in GPS, and not least your biking brain may need a bit of a refresher.

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