15 March 2021: Instructor Position


One of the most rewarding areas of being a motorcyclist is to share your skills and enthusiasm with a new potential rider.


3CMT are looking for a self employed CBT instructor. (with the view of moving on to DAS)




1. Over 21yrs old

2. Full motorcycle licence for min 3yrs

3. Be of Good Character.

(Any motoring or non motoring offences will be taken into consideration by the DVSA) 


Good daily rates of pay for the right candidate.

Full training package.


Contact us for more information.


01 August 2020.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has announced the launch of Ridefree - a free online training course that moped and motorcycle riders should complete before taking their CBT. We've tried it out and recommend it as a valuable learning tool that will better prepare you for your CBT, particularly for those new to the road. Find out more here at Ridefree


05 July 2020.

From 04 July we are able to offer CBT's for anyone wishing to book.

From 06 July we are able to book practical mod 1 and mod 2 tests to commence week 13 July 2020. Unfortunately at this point we have not been briefed on how we are supposed to book the practical tests and there is no information on the booking system.


We have set up an updating mailshot which we are sending out on a Monday. To be added to it please fill in our contact form ensuring you list age, course type and agree to be kept updated.


April 2020 COVID-19

We are returning to work to carry out CBT's for Key workers. Please ensure you comply with the Government guidelines. You must be able to provide proof of Key Workers status in order to attend training under this scheme.


February 2020

3CMT is now an MCIA RIDE Industry Approved Training School. You can be assured of the standard of both our training services and business processes. Find out more about the MCIA here


October 2019

The DVSA have updated their guidance notes for students attending a CBT training course. Please take the time to read Prepare for your CBT


In particular please note the information about Highway Code knowledge:

Your trainer can stop your compulsory basic training course if your basic knowledge of The Highway Code and traffic signs isn’t good enough for you to ride safely.


And regarding what to wear. You should wear motorcycle boots or other sturdy footwear that supports and protects your ankles.


3CMT provide helmets, gloves and Hi Viz as standard. We have a selection of jackets should you not have something suitable but we do not provide footwear. If you are wearing inadequate footwear you will not be allowed to start your course.


Gift Vouchers 

Perfect gift for that special person in your life


Hourly Lessons


3CMT are excited to offer hourly training on a Saturday morning. Call for further advice.

Direct Access Full Motorbike Licence

NOTE: To reduce the risk of contamination from Covid-19 we no longer loan HELMETS, GLOVES OR JACKETS for training. Please ensure you purchase and bring your own appropriate motorcycle clothing, you will also require a face covering . Without it you cannot train.

Student on DAS training




24 years old+

Includes Bike hire CBT Theory Test Mod 1 Test Mod 2 Test Helmet and Glove hire Fuel All training for booked period

 DAS - Already have a CBT and Theory Test pass? 


24 years old+

Includes Bike hire  Mod 1 Test Mod 2 Test Helmet and Glove hire Fuel All training for booked period

 A2 to A Licence Upgrade


A2 licence held for minimum of 2 years (min 21 yrs old and no theory test required)

Or turned 24 yrs whilst holding A2 licence (requires valid theory test certificate)

Includes training refresher for Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests. Own bike or with bike hire.

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  Mob: 07810 892689 Office: 01344 771421                             



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If you want to obtain a full motorbike licence there are different classes of motorbike and what you can ride fundamentally depends on your age. Motorbikes are indicated on your driving licence by categories; A1, A2 and A.

Category A (Also known as ‘full power’ or ‘Direct Access’ - DAS) covers machines unlimited in size (minimum 595cc) and power, with or without a sidecar, and motor tricycles with a power output of more than 50kW or 67bhp.

To ride a Category A motorcycle you either need to be 24 years old or more to proceed with ‘Direct Access’ training on this category of motorbike or you can ride this category from age 21 if you have two years' experience on an A2 motorcycle and you pass a further practical test on a category A motorcycle. (You revert to 'L' status for the training and testing sessions. On passing the required tests you can upgrade to the larger machine. If you don't pass you can continue to ride on the full category already obtained).

If you are undertaking a motorbike test you must hold a CBT certificate and motorcycle theory test pass certificate. The only exception is if you are testing to upgrade from an A2 licence to a category A licence and have at least 2 years experience riding on your A2 licence.

Based on your CBT (or if 3CMT haven’t done your CBT then through a discussion of your riding experience) a training course of between 4 or 6 days will be recommended. When you book your course we will discuss and explain the best approach for you as an individual.

Ideally the course is split into 2 sessions focussing on the Mod1 and Mod2 tests but it can be done as one course.

Training is typically around 6hrs per day from early morning until mid afternoon. During the training your skills will be developed to be able to control the additional power, weight and controls of a larger motorbike and to be able to deal with a wide variety of road types and traffic conditions.

You will undertake 2 separate riding tests conducted by a DVSA examiner.

The first is known as ‘module 1’ and focuses on large motorbike handling skills similar to as on your CBT.

The second part of the test known as ‘module 2’ focuses on road-riding skills

Both parts need to be passed to obtain a full motorbike licence. Module 2 can only be undertaken once module 1 has been passed.

The current DAS machines are heavy, most weigh approx 200kg as part of training and testing you will be required to physically manoeuvre the machine around. If you are concerned about the weight and/or seat height please arrange a sizing appointment prior to booking a course.