Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)


Any person wishing to ride a moped or motorcycle on the public roads must complete a CBT and be issued with a CBT certificate (DL196). The only exception is a person who passed their car test prior to 1st Feb 2001 they are able to ride a restricted moped without any training.


Prior to attending a CBT we advise you to read the Highway Code and watch the following video.




The CBT is in 5 Elements which are:CBT Element A


Element A: Introduction

At the start of the introduction to the CBT your instructor will check both parts of yourdriving licence and your eyesight. They will then move on to explain the aims of the day and offer advice on helmets and motorcycle clothing.


Element B: Practical on-site training

During this element you will be with your machine. The controls will be identified and their use explained. Your instructor will explain basic machine checks and how to use the stands correctly. Finally you will be shown how to start the engine.


3CMT Pupils on CBT Element C


Element C: Practical on-site Riding

This is when you finally get on a machine. During this section you will be taught basic riding skills. These include moving away and stopping, fig 8, slalom, u-turn, e-stop and junctions left and right. If on a geared machine how to change gears.



Element D: Practical on-road Training

Another theory session. This is an interactive discussion session. Topics such as Highway Code, Staying visable, Hazard Awareness and legal requirements such as use of speed, correct documentation and obeying road signs. Varying weather conditions and road surfaces will also be discussed.


Element E :Practical on-road Riding

You can only move on to this element if you have demonstrated machine control during element C. The road element is a legal minimum requirement of 2hrs. During this element you will be required to demonstrate your ability to ride along a variety of roads safely and negotiate junctions and bends etc using correct procedures.


The CBT is not a test. It is an ongoing training and assessment day. All exercises will be explained and if necessary demonstrated by your instructor.



The day commences promptly at 0800hrs and will finish usually between 1500 - 1700hrs. A CBT certificate, DL196, can only be issued after all elements have been successfully completed. If it is not safe for you to proceed on to the next element, we will end your day at a point which is benificial to you and advise you to return on another day to have more training. Further training is offered at a reduced rate.

Although most customers will complete the CBT in a day please bear in mind not everyone will.