Honda NC700S

Honda NC700S

A2 Restricted Licence


The A2 Restricted licence is a great opportunity for new riders, minimum age 19 years olds, to get experience riding on the public roads on a mid size machine prior to moving up to pass the tests on big machine to upgrade your licence and buying a larger machine.




To Complete this course you will need to complete a theory test and CBT along with any required training prior to completing both the mod 1 and mod 2 practical tests.


On successful completion of the course you will be able to ride a machine up to 47bhp. You can purchase a more powerful machine but it would have to be restricted by a maximum of 50%.



You will have a full motorcycle licence allowing you to carry pillion passengers and travel on motorways.

Honda NC700X











Honda NC700X    


Many potential students this year have questioned whether it is worth completing this level of licence when they have to re-test to upgrade in 2 years. This very much depends on the individual.



You get a full licence to ride up to a 47bhp machine at 19yrs. Previously you could only ride up to a 33 bhp machine.

'L' plates removed and can carry a pillion.

Use motorways.

When you come in to upgrade your licence you do NOT have to do the theory test or the CBT again, the cost of which more than covers the mod 1 and mod 2 practical tests.



Having to retest to upgrade your licence.